Thursday, February 19, 2015

The story of Roger Ebert

Last week Ms. Mystrena introduced the concept of commemorating time to show off an amazing person that might be unknown to the rest of the audience. In doing so, she effectively chose a specific movie critic who was affected by cancer in sad ways, who is otherwise known as Roger Ebert. 
With his story I have learned that I must value everything I have and even if I ever lose something I shouldn't waste my time grieving about something I cannot have again, but I must pursue my life with positivity. 
In his blog, ¨all the lonely people¨, he says ¨What do lonely people desire? Companionship. Love. Recognition. Entertainment. Camaraderie. Distraction.¨ I read that sentence and I realized  I desire many of those nouns. I also realized that in even when I might be surrounded by millions of people I sometimes feel completely alone. But on the other hand, he discussed the impact of the internet and its expressed when he said ¨now I see that all relationships are virtual, even those that take place in person¨. The internet has so much influence on our society and most relationships in this age have the use of technology to show their love and/or communicate and I agree with that because I feel like some people could be losing their compassion because they use a cellular device to show their emotions. 
On another note, I had never heard about Roger Ebert prior to her introduction, so it was truly touching in that moment to see how he fought his battles and it was such an inspiration to keep working hard and appreciate what you have because one day you could lose it all. But the difference with Ebert's story is that his disability didn't make me feel as much pity for him but more so admiration because he handled his situation in such a way that I never would have been able to.
I believe it's important to keep in mind that people with disabilities shouldn't automatically seem weak because the way they overcome their tough battles makes them the strongest people I've ever seen.  With this story I found it very noteworthy that Ebert still viewed life with such optimism even though he could have been internally struggling. It is true that I wish I could change certain things about my life, but I also take my life for granted when I have so many privileges that some people don't have. I know if I had ever lost the ability to speak or eat, I would be very emotional all the time about what I lost. But Ebert thought about what more he can give to the world with everything that he has lost. Roger Ebert lost certain abilities yet he was more positive than I have ever been in my entire life and I respect that mindset a lot.

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